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Protector Max™ - Carbon Monoxide Poison Alarm (2 Alarms) — LEARN MORE

Protector Max™ - Carbon Monoxide Poison Alarm (2 Alarms) — LEARN MORE

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Protector Max™ SAFER OPTION includes two (2) super cool alarms that are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe from Carbon Monoxide Poison when you're on the go. It's like the smoke alarms you have at home, but for carbon monoxide. If this odorless gas is around, Protector Max™ will sound a loud alarm, giving you ample time to get out of harm's way. It's a fantastic tool to ensure your safety while traveling!

You get two (2) alarms with the SAFER OPTION. Consider the SAFEST OPTION three (3) alarms to protect more rooms or areas while traveling. 

What is Carbon Monoxide Poison?

Carbon monoxide is a chemical that's produced when natural gas or other carbon-containing products don't burn completely. It's a pretty dangerous thing to watch out for, especially when you're staying in places like hotels, short-term rentals, resorts, boats, and even RVs and trailers. Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen both inside and outside of these spaces, so it's important to be aware and take necessary precautions.

Why is Carbon Monoxide Poisonous?

Did you know that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a real threat to travelers worldwide? It's this silent killer that claims many lives every year. The scary part is, you can't even see or smell this poisonous gas. When you breathe it in, it starts messing with your blood's oxygen levels, depriving essential organs like your heart and brain of the oxygen they need to work properly. Even a short encounter with high levels of CO can knock you out and, worst-case scenario, lead to death. So, it's absolutely crucial to stay aware and take steps to minimize the risks associated with carbon monoxide when you're out traveling.

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